Tangible Personal Property

Tangible Personal Property Tax Forms & Instructions

You can download the current year Tangible Property Tax Form and return these forms to our office.

  • Mail:
    1840 Simon Kenton Way
    Suite 3300
    Covington, Kentucky 41011-2999

When Filing

When filing your tangible personal property tax return, please note:

  • File with the Property Valuation Administrator or Department of Revenue by May 15. (Or the first business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.) All returns postmarked after May 15 will be assessed for the taxes plus applicable penalties and interest by the Department of Revenue.
  • Electronic filing is currently not available at this time.
  • There is no filing extension provision for tangible personal property tax returns.
  • Tangible personal property tax returns filed after May 15 will not be allowed a discount.
  • Enter your Social Security or Federal Employer Identification Number on all returns, schedules, attachments and correspondence.
  • Staple all pages of each return together.
  • Sign all returns and list appropriate telephone numbers.
  • Do not file personal property tax returns with the income tax return.
  • Do not send payment with the return. Timely filed tangible returns will be billed by and payable to the Kenton County Sheriff.

Should you have any questions regarding the tangible personal property tax returns, please do not hesitate to contact our office or the State Valuation Branch at 502-564-2557.

For tax district information, please visit www.kcor.org.  “Click For Free Access Menu” and select “PVA Real Estate Inquiry”.  Tax district (aka AVIS) will be found on the upper left side of the parcel inquiry screen.