Mission Statement


Provide courteous, accurate and efficient services for the benefit of Kenton County and its citizens. 

To achieve its mission, the Kenton County PVA office will: 

  • Assess all real property at 100% fair cash value or at agricultural value in an equitable and unbiased manner. 
  • Develop positive, constructive and professional relationships with all parties. 
  • Inform and educate the public of taxpayer rights in a clear, concise, accurate and timely manner to promote voluntary compliance with the laws. 
  • Acquire new technologies to implement and maintain a cost effective and up-to-date property tax administration system. 
  • Educate, train, develop and retain the qualified office personnel necessary to achieve property assessment goals and objectives. 
  • Treat fellow employees with respect and dignity in order to foster a positive and friendly working environment.

In these efforts, if there is information which may be of benefit to you that does not currently appear herein, please Email the PVA Office.

Darlene M. Plummer